Welcome to #LegalChat

Welcome to the inaugural #LegalChat blog post. The goal of #legalchat is to create a fast paced and dynamic way to share information about everything related to the legal world.

What is it?

#LegalChat is a weekly LIVE and LIVELY chat on Twitter about legal topics including practice mgmt, marketing, social media and technology. It will occur every Friday at  11a ET and will be moderated by @LegalChatter, a Twitter feed created to foster discussion and keep the chat moving.

TweetGrid can be used to monitor the discussion which has been set up at http://wthashtag.com/Legalchat. This allows you to see transcripts of past #legalchat sessions as well as monitor real time discussion.


Information is the most valuable asset any of us own and Twitter has become an information sharing machine as much as a social network. #LegalChat is a weekly meeting place where thought leaders in the legal world and others can share ideas, gain insights and interact with similar minded individuals.

How does it work?

Each Friday at 11:00am, all the participants will interact in a live chat using the hashtag #legalchat. Anyone with a Twitter account can participate. Each week will have a different topic starting this week with “Social Media Best Practices” Questions will be posted during the chat by @LegalChatter in the following format: Q1: With so many people using social media, what can lawyers do to stand out?


The first topic of discussion for Friday, January 7th is “Social Media Best Practices.”

The questions for the weekly #legalchat will be posted by Wednesday afternoon for that weeks chat and questions can be suggested via Twitter or via comments on this blog.

Written by @DannymJohnson, moderator of #LegalChat


3 thoughts on “Welcome to #LegalChat

  1. 1. How necessary or beneficial is it to participate in as many SM channels as are available? For instance, there is now Amplify, Quora and JomSocial, 3 new ones. Is it necessary to create profiles everywhere?

    2. JomSocial is open-source social networking software? What does that mean? Are there more privacy issues to be concerned with in open source?

    3. What is the value of participating in a question/answer format like Quora?

    4. What are best practices for using channels like StumbleUpon or Tumbler? (Most people don’t know how to use these)

    OK, there’s my self-serving list of questions.

  2. Q’s for Chat:

    Q1: Are their any firms implementing or using social media successfully?

    Q2: How are firms using social media in-house to communicate and learn?

    Q3: How are legal technologists using social media for their own personal knowledge and learning? What technologies are they using? Any recommendations, groups, sites legal technologist should follow?

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