#LegalChat THEME for Feb. 4th Chat: Social Media

It’s been a month since our first #LegalChat and things are picking up! The THEME for this week is Social Media.

Please submit questions you want to discuss on twitter to @LegalChatter or in the comment section of this post.


3 thoughts on “#LegalChat THEME for Feb. 4th Chat: Social Media

  1. Q1- what does Enterprise Social Media mean?

    Q2- everyone always talks about social media as an external activity. What are some internal ways you can use Social Media at a law firm?

    Q3- our firm is not ready yet to actively use Social Media but what are the minimum things we should do?

    Q4- What is different about social media from typical

  2. Q4- How do social media tools differ from traditional marketing tools?

    Q5- How do you measure success when using a social media tool?

    Q6- My firm is pretty conservative how can I spur adoption of Social Media?

  3. Q1: What top tips do lawyers need to know about social media?

    Q2: How can social media be used for business development?

    Q3: Why should lawyers do social media?

    Q4: What social media channels are best for lawyers?

    Q5: Should law firms have social media policies? How do you get started?

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