#Legalchat Questions – March 25, 2011 Theme: Social Media Smorgasbord w/ A La Carte Events

We’ve all been at this #legalchat thing for a couple of months now, and it’s been fantastic.  Thank you for the continued participation and rigorous discussions. 

This week’s theme could be categorized as “miscellaneous” since I’ve thrown some non-social media questions in there.  The two questions about tradeshows and associations are there because of the drastically differing opinions I hear when talking to attorneys, IT departments, vendors and consultants about where they should go during the year and what associations they should belong to.  This will be an effort to collect your insights and opinions as to which shows and associations you’ve found helpful and which ones we should avoid.

Thanks again for your continued support and steady stream of feather-ruffling comments:) 

Q1: What events or tradeshows do you attend and recommend?… which ones to avoid?

 Q2: Which associations are you a member of and has it been valuable?

Q3: Do you have a personal social media policy or code of conduct? Does your firm?

Q4: What are the (near) Universal Do’s and Don’ts for a legal professional engaging in social media?

Q5: How do YOU balance personal & professional when engaged in social media?


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