#LegalChat Questions for today’s chat: Friday, April 1, 2011

#LegalChat THEME: Is Rebecca Black the next Justin Bieber? Keep dreaming @EconWriter5. That was an April Fools joke. The real THEME for today’s #LegalChat is Ethics and the Web.

The New York State Bar has approved the Gmail for use by attorney’s but not all bar’s have given an opinion. There have been numerous articles recently written on whether or not Gmail should be used in the law office. Erik Mazzone said, “the substance of the dispute: whether a clause in Gmail’s Terms of Service (granting The Google a perpetual license in your email content) is a violation of attorneys’ ethical duties vis a vis maintaining client confidentiality.” That issue and more will be on today’s docket.

Q1. Is Google Apps Gmail an ethical option for law firms? Why or why not?

Q2: Should every state’s Bar Association provide an opinion on the issue?

Q3: What applications should lawyers access via the cloud?

Wild Card Q: What Twitter application do you use and why?

Now go back and enjoy the new baseball season.



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