#LegalChat gets a new Moderator…and more

Though I have done nothing to merit a farewell speech, I’m going to give one anyways.

I had a lot of fun moderating #LegalChat but as is the case with the radio dial and movies not directed by James Cameron, the end always comes. You may or may not have noticed but I’ve been slacking on my #LegalChat duties a little bit lately and will soon be starting law school so I have passed the proverbial #LegalChat reigns on to my good friend Natalie Huha, aka @LegalersWelcome.

Natalie is an expert in law firm practice management and social media and, though I haven’t set a high bar, will far out do me as a moderator and will make #legalchat better than ever.

Don’t worry though, we’ll let you stay on summer break and #LegalChat will start up again on July 22nd. We expect all of you to be back in your digital seats and ready to chat like 5th grade girls in line at a Justin Bieber autograph signing.

Thanks to all who participated and especially those that contributed.



2 thoughts on “#LegalChat gets a new Moderator…and more

  1. Danny, you absolutely started something GREAT for all legalers and big shoes I have to fill! I hope to continue #LegalChat with the fun, flair and educational insight that you intended and am honored to continue the legal chatter! I look forward to your law school thoughts and contributions to the chat ahead!

    Thank YOU Danny!

  2. Good luck with law school! Hopefully you will join us as a participant during some of the upcoming #legalchats!

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