#Legalchat Topic – Large Firm vs. Small Firm Technology Advantages vs. Disadvantages – Sept 9th

With the economy still unsteady, I wondered what advantage does large firm vs. small firm technology play when clients now demand alternative fee arrangements? The internet allows small firms to have a level playing field when it comes to online presence to compete with large firms, so the question becomes, who has the better advantage for attacting and retaining clients?  Join us this Friday Sept 9th to discuss the advantages vs. disadvantages of large firm vs. small firm technology.  CIO’s, Managing Partners, Law Students, COO’s and any legaler invited! Tell a colleague to join in.

Q1: What are the Pros of Big Law Technology for Attorneys?

Q2: What are the Pros of Solo & Small Firm Technology for Attorneys?

Q3: Are your clients asking about your technology? What do you tell them?

Q3: What does it mean to be ‘cutting edge’ with technology for a law firm?

Q4: How can small firms compete with big law when resources and structure are not always available?

Q5: What is your experience if you have worked in solo, small or big law that you can share with the group today?


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