#Legalchat Topic – ‘Consumerization’ of Legal IT – Sept 16

Join us this Friday Sept 16th @ 11 am ET to discuss the topic of Consumerization of Legal IT (thanks to Jeffrey Brandt @jeffrey_brandt for the topic recommendation!).  With so many devices and software available what demands does this put on legal IT departments? @Followthelawyer will be moderating this week’s chat since @legalchatter will be traveling.  Scott Preston @sapreston has helped in providing the topics of discussion. 

Extra big thanks to all of you for you rhelp this week AND to keep this chat lively and ongoing!

Q1: Which consumer technology is having the biggest impact on Enterprise and how?

Q2: Assuming you haven’t added resources, how are you managing the extra burden that consumer tech brings?

Q3:  What is the benefit to the firm of consumerization of IT?

Q4: Which consumer tech will be the next to disrupt the Enterprise? 

Q5: BYOD (bring our own device) – How will that ultimately impact firms and the Enterprise environment?


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