#Legalchat Topic – Tools Law Students in the 21st Century Expect in Law Firms – Oct 14

Law students of the 21st century use differen tools for research and communicate differently than any previous generations.  How are firms planning to attract to talent moving forward? How will they remai competitive? What tools do law firms need to supply in order to remain competitive in the 21st century and attract top talent? Join us this Friday for our #legalchat guest moderated by @debdobson.

Q1: Does your firm have a formal training or mentoring program for summer or fall law students?

Q2: Do you measure the success of your programs if you have them? Any non-traditional mentoring programs?

Q3: Should law students mentor more senior partners on 21st century communication and research? Vice versa?

Q4: Are there any specific technology initiatives happening now to plan for succession and to attract top talent moving forward in your practice or law firm?

Q5:  Is your firm using unique recruiting tools to attract top talent? Video blogs, Facebook, Youtube, etc.?

Q6: Is succession planning for the future generations and existance of firms even being considered?

Q7:  What are the top concerns amongst firm partners and administration?


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