#Legalchat – Topic – Website vs Web “Presence” – Oct 21

Do you or your firm only have a website? OR do you use social media to have a web “presence”? It’s the old conflict of time vs. money.  Please join our guest moderator @jaredcorreia  [Law Practice Management Advisor with Mass. LOMAP, providing free and confidential consulting services to Massachusetts attorneys] on Friday @ 11 am ET for #legalchat!

Q1: How do you define a web “presence”?

Q2: What constitutes a proper website today? Should it include a blog?

Q3: Does one bring more value over the other? Does your type of practice make a difference?

Q4: If you have  website, how do you prove ROI?

Q5: Do you monitor your website?  Should you monitor your web “presence”?

Q6: Is it worth your time to create a strategic “web presence” or just create a website? How do you decide between the two?

Q7: Does anyone have any tips or strategies that have worked well for their firm or as a solo practitioner?


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