#Legalchat – Topic – It’s 2012 – What Are Your New Years Resolutions for Your Practice? – Jan 6th

It’s 2012! Happy New Year All! Join us Friday @ 11 am ET where our guest moderator @debdobson will guest moderate this week’s topic – What Are Your New Year’s Resolutions for Your Practice?  With all the recent technology changes, social media’s, legal education issues and demands of clients, what is your top priorities of focus for 2012?

Q’s for Chat:

Q1: What do you wish could have accomplished in 2011 that you didn’t?

Q2: What is your first priority in 2012 to accomplish?

Q3: Does social media or technology advances play a role in your new years resolutions for 2012?

Q4: What do you think will be the primary challenges your practice faces in 2012?

Q5: Do solos or large firms face larger challenges for their practices as a whole?

Q6: What new technologies do you think we will see infiltrate the legal profession in 2012?

Q7: What can you share about what you learned in 2011 regarding your practice and technology?


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