LegalChat Re-Launch Sept 13th @ 11 am ET

This post was originally posted at on August 30th, 2013.

legalchatinfoATTENTION ALL LEGAL PROFESSIONALS: I am happy to announce the the return of #legalchat for the Legal Community.  It will begin again starting Sept 13 @ 11 am and continue every week on Fridays at 11 am.

Why are we bringing it back?

Because education on legal technology is needed for ALL legal professionals – law schools, attorneys, administration, staff, IT, and all practices and departments in between. With multiple generations in the workforce and mobility and cloud technologies on the rise, education and discussion is critical to the success of the profession moving forward.

Who is moderating the chat?

After a long hiatus of not being able to hold it every week due to my own career and work responsibilities, Andrea LegalTypistCannavina of @legaltypist DM’d me and asked if we could start it up again!  I was ecstatic and happy to be able to continue what @DannyMJohnson started a few years back.  Andrea and I (@legalerswelcome) will be the main moderators.

How does it work?

Andrea and myself will be moderating weekly and cover for each other when each is busy.  HOWEVER, since this will be held weekly, we invite anyone in the legal community who is interested to be a guest moderator.  To join the chat, there are a variety of software to use, our favorite of course and (how-to videos coming shortly so stay tuned there!)

What will be discussed?

Each week a different topic around legal and technology will be discussed.  Are you passionate about your practice or a legal technology topic? Share it with #Legalchat. Email to submit your topic and suggested date for our review. All we ask is that your chat be educational and not sales oriented.  This is a strict requirement. legalerswelcome

When does it start?

Friday September 13th @ 11 am and it will continue weekly on Friday’s at 11 am.

Join Andrea Cannavina and I for a ‘scary’ chat about legal technology and what lawyers are doing with technology starting Fri SEPT 13th @ 11 am and tell all your legal friends!

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#LegalChat gets a new Moderator…and more

Though I have done nothing to merit a farewell speech, I’m going to give one anyways.

I had a lot of fun moderating #LegalChat but as is the case with the radio dial and movies not directed by James Cameron, the end always comes. You may or may not have noticed but I’ve been slacking on my #LegalChat duties a little bit lately and will soon be starting law school so I have passed the proverbial #LegalChat reigns on to my good friend Natalie Huha, aka @LegalersWelcome.

Natalie is an expert in law firm practice management and social media and, though I haven’t set a high bar, will far out do me as a moderator and will make #legalchat better than ever.

Don’t worry though, we’ll let you stay on summer break and #LegalChat will start up again on July 22nd. We expect all of you to be back in your digital seats and ready to chat like 5th grade girls in line at a Justin Bieber autograph signing.

Thanks to all who participated and especially those that contributed.


#LegalChat THEME: Law Firm Marketing and Branding

#LegalChat THEME for 3/11 day is Law Firm Marketing and Branding.

When I read “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” I totally read it way after it was killing the best seller list. Why was everyone so excited about it? Once I finally decided to read it, I couldn’t put it down. Even though I basically joined late, I was a strong reader at the end: If you have never participated in #LegalChat, now is the time for you to become the chatter with the dragon tattoo.

#LegalChat Schedule:

Intros and your favorite Charlie Sheen quote

Q1:  Does *every* law firm, small or otherwise, actually have a discernible brand?

Q2:  What examples/evidence do you have of strong branding in law firms?

Q3: How involved should lawyers be in their state bar associations?

Q4:   What place and what dangers do videos hold for law firm marketing? (for example – testimonials)

Q5: Open forum for questions and comments

#LegalChat Questions for Friday, Feb. 25. THEME: Social Networking and (e)Discovery

Good morning Legalites,

Even though the government might shut down next week, #LegalChat battles on after a one week hiatus. The theme this week was suggested by @EconWriter5 and deals with social networking and discovery.

We’ll begin with quick intros while everyone joins the chat…

Q1: What are the new/unique challenges that Social Media presents for discovery? #legalchat

Q2: What do lawyers need to know about social media for discovery to be effective? #LegalChat

Q3:  What are the ethical issues and other potential pitfalls that go along with eDiscovery? #LegalChat

Q4 Wild Card: Best practices in how lawyers demonstrate their loyalty to THEIR clients?

#LegalChat Questions for Feb. 11, 2011

Hello Legalites,

I apologize for being a bit late posting the theme and questions for this week’s #LegalChat. The #LegalChat THEME for this week is law firm Practice Management.

Here are the questions:

Q1:  What is the most beneficial thing you can do to improve your firm’s efficiency? #LegalChat

Q2: What makes a law firm’s website awesome?  #LegalChat

Q3: Hosted Exchange vs. GMail: Which is better?  #LegalChat

Q4: Do client’s perceptions of cloud computing and technology have an affect on how you manage your practice? #LegalChat

Bonus Question: iPhone for Verizon launched yesterday. Should we care? #legalchat #VeriPhone

Final Question: What Theme should we discuss next week?

#LegalChat Questions for January 28th – THEME: Legal Technology

Questions for Jan. 28th #LegalChat at 11:00am EST

Q1. Quick introductions

Q2. How do you use technology to give your firm a competitive advantage?

Q3. Mac or PC in the law office? And why?

Q4: Where do you go to learn about legal technology?

Q5: What legal/non-legal applications are critical to your firm?

#LegalChat THEME and questions for the Fri. Jan. 21st Chat

Cloud computing

Hello Legalites (sorry, still trying to come up with a good nickname for participants of #legalchat…Legangsters? Legalrexics?),

#LegalChat on Law Firm Marketing and Branding is going down this Friday on Twitter at 11:00am EST. Here are the questions:

THEME: Law Firm Marketing and Branding

It’s been requested that we start off the chat allowing everyone to introduce themselves…so for our first question, we’ll allow 5 minutes or so for everyone to give an introduction.

Q1: Introductions

Q2: Should you have a personal brand separate from your law firm? If so, how?

Q3: With so many social media channels and platforms, do I (or my firm)  need to participate in all of them? Why or why not?

Q4:  How can law firms outsource their marketing and brand building efforts and still be genuine and authentic?

Well, legaltarians, there it is…See you all Friday at 11:00am EST. Invite your friends.