LegalChat Re-Launch Sept 13th @ 11 am ET

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legalchatinfoATTENTION ALL LEGAL PROFESSIONALS: I am happy to announce the the return of #legalchat for the Legal Community.  It will begin again starting Sept 13 @ 11 am and continue every week on Fridays at 11 am.

Why are we bringing it back?

Because education on legal technology is needed for ALL legal professionals – law schools, attorneys, administration, staff, IT, and all practices and departments in between. With multiple generations in the workforce and mobility and cloud technologies on the rise, education and discussion is critical to the success of the profession moving forward.

Who is moderating the chat?

After a long hiatus of not being able to hold it every week due to my own career and work responsibilities, Andrea LegalTypistCannavina of @legaltypist DM’d me and asked if we could start it up again!  I was ecstatic and happy to be able to continue what @DannyMJohnson started a few years back.  Andrea and I (@legalerswelcome) will be the main moderators.

How does it work?

Andrea and myself will be moderating weekly and cover for each other when each is busy.  HOWEVER, since this will be held weekly, we invite anyone in the legal community who is interested to be a guest moderator.  To join the chat, there are a variety of software to use, our favorite of course and (how-to videos coming shortly so stay tuned there!)

What will be discussed?

Each week a different topic around legal and technology will be discussed.  Are you passionate about your practice or a legal technology topic? Share it with #Legalchat. Email to submit your topic and suggested date for our review. All we ask is that your chat be educational and not sales oriented.  This is a strict requirement. legalerswelcome

When does it start?

Friday September 13th @ 11 am and it will continue weekly on Friday’s at 11 am.

Join Andrea Cannavina and I for a ‘scary’ chat about legal technology and what lawyers are doing with technology starting Fri SEPT 13th @ 11 am and tell all your legal friends!

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#Legalchat is making it’s return…


#Legalchat is back!

on Friday’s at 11 am starting on September 13th with myself and Andrea Cannavina from @LegalTypist. Stay tuned for more details and be sure to RT to your friends 🙂 the more the merrier!

#LegalChat Topic July 29 – Business Value: Making the Case for Enterprise Social Business Technologies in Law Firms

legalchat questions

#Legalchat Questions

Questions for July 29th #legalchat

Q1: What business drivers are relevant for the social enterprise?

Q2: How can firms take initiative to establish collaborative workflows that incorporate social technologies?

Q3: What enterprise technologies exist that would benefit small to large size firms?

Q4:  Should firms plan for enterprise 2.0 as part of their succession planning?

Q5:  How do you manage enterprise 2.0 social technologies with limited resources?

Q6:  What considerations do firms need to think about with regard to Ediscovery and litigation data preservation?

#LegalChat – “Beyond the Blog” – Questions Posted

legalchat questions

#Legalchat Questions

Questions for July 22nd #legalchat moderated by @followthelawyer

Q1: What additional platforms are cohesive to establishing your expertise online?

Q2: What strategies can attorneys use for working with JDSupra? LegalOnRamp?

Q3: Why would an attorney ever post on YouTube? Are some practices better than others to utilize?

Q4:  What is SlideShare and why would I post my PowerPoint presentations on there?

Q5:  How do I manage all of these different areas of online presence?